Road Cure

In 2009, I quit my retail job because I wanted my fucking soul back. It was a long time coming, and I had saved up enough to support me for an extended job hunt or unpaid internship. I turned in my 2 weeks notice, and when those days passed, I was overjoyed. Almost immediately, a good friend of mine offered a chance to tag along with him on a road trip to the very edge of Washington state. There's a storied romanticism surrounding the road trip: the new lands, the car bonding, and, of course, the mythical rebooting of the soul. The choice was easy.

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Video | The Empirical Highway of Life

Our roadtrip up to Oak Harbor, Washington as well as some excursions to Anacortes and Seattle. Obviously, I'm running out of ways to make footage-from-the-backseat-as-we-drive look interesting. This will probably be the last music video/travelogue i'll attempt until I have the know-how & equipment to do something different. Song: Efterklang - "Modern Drift"