Well I Was Gonna Blog About Other Shit But

Credit: The New York TimesThe great and terrible thing about living in our day and age is the way we get to see the reaction to history changing world events in real time. It feels strange to hype the colorful trendiness of things like Facebook and Twitter, but their function and popularity really makes it an interesting time to experience news. As opposed to the times when newspapers would assess the general reaction to a major event the next morning, I get to click on trending topics and see not only the obvious across-the-board mood, but also the rare minority opinion and/or craziness of the individual that would not be noticed in an older age.

Case in point: I've been thinking on the killing of Osama Bin Laden, announced only 6 hours ago, and the reaction that it has been getting; in the media, in the crowds, on twitter and among my friends. Having ruminated on it for not-long-enough, here is what I've gleaned about the world.

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