"Accidental Racist" Is A Lovely Song About Clothes & Nothing Else

Right? Because there's literally no deeper it can go. This is, at its absolute best, a song about clothing confusion between a confederate flag t-shirt and a du-rag. And that's wonderful, in a "aren't they quaint" kind of way.

Racial politics is often an exhausting conversation. So many of us are invested in its direction, so many of us are convinced that we've got it figured out, and that imagined insight is often titilating to debate. The result is that it attracts a lot of novices, and sometimes these novices get so into their own ideas that they make a country-rap song about it.

In the stressful and infuriating world of race relations, there are so few moments of hilarity like this. It's wonderful. It's like a supermodel's daydream of joining the Peace Corps, or a middle schooler paying attention to politics for the first time. We rarely get to laugh like this, together.

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