Elsewhere | A Lotta Moxie

Running Moxipop as an EiC has been a useful experience. Mostly it trains your idea muscles; finding something to post every day isn't that hard, but finding something worthwhile to say about it is. I'm sure I've had days more productive than others, but I'm always proud of my work when I feel like I'm doing more than throwing up an embed and a press release.

I really stewed over this Carrie & Lowell review although once things are published I fear looking at it again (editing, as we all know, is a harrowing rabbit hole.) I was happy to exorcise all of my music streaming program thoughts just a month or so before Tidal botched everything, so that was timely. Thinking aloud about the lovely Father John Misty album was a pleasure as well. I got to see Alvvays in concert and slam the concept of the Grammys in our modern music world. And books! I got to write about two great novels, and that's definitely something I've always wanted to do on a professional level.

I wouldn't say things are good, but I would say that things are gratifying. In some way that's just as valuable. It is hard to imagine a time when I would just swallow these ideas or, worse yet, never even realize they were there.