Elsewhere | Panama Interview & Reviewing All Sorts

The most significant thing I've written in recent history is this Panama interview/live report. Above is a GIF that Google+ made without my asking. They do that a lot. I also took a lot of pictures and forgot to send all of them to BuzzChips. C'est La Vie.

It was kind of a rough interview. I rushed to Hollywood after work, parking was hell, and I only had enough change for a few minutes. I walked a few blocks to an ATM and then a Starbucks to recuperate/game plan for how I was going to get this interview through. Eventually the artist called me back and we did the brief chat over the phone -- which is fine, but I could've spared myself a lot of stress. Super gracious and easy to talk to dude though.

Over at Moxipop I've been glad to write about comics a bit just because it's tangentially related to music. I'm going to do that again for John Darnielle's novel. Both Bonnaroo and FYF got written up because that's how I roll. I decided to review some albums because no one else was.

I have to get back on the hunt for new outlets, though. New genres, different challenges. I don't like the still water.