On This Day

Tuesday, December 27, 2011, in the interest of documenting the mundane routine of a typical day before the year ends. Also, blog fodder.

5:00 AM -- Decide to call it a night. Wrap up my freelance writing pieces, send them off to their editorial masters via e-mail, stumble into bed.
6:00 AM -- Fall asleep.

10:30 AM -- Alarm goes off, set to Gillian Welch's "The Way The Whole World Ends."
10:32 AM -- Turn off alarm. Consider getting dressed, decide to lie down for just five minutes.
11:00 AM -- Get up begrudgingly. Inspect bed head, put on hoodie.
11:05 AM -- Consume breakfast. Bacon, eggs, rice. Single cup of black coffee.
11:40 AM -- Water the plants in the front planter and back yard. Observe for a few minutes, ponder the cycle of dampening soil  only for it evaporate in a few hours. Ponder diagrams in old science textbooks showing arrows leading from the ground to the clouds and back to the ground, think of life as a textbook diagram.
11:50 AM -- Turn off sprinklers in the front & back yard. Ponder nothing.
11:53 PM -- Swallow multivitamin. Swallow flaxseed pill.
12:00 PM -- Mess around on the internet.
12:49 PM -- Go to gym.
1:14 PM -- Arrive at gym. Santa must have done some heavy lifting over the holiday, because half of the machines are new. Feel intimidated by their foreign movements and futuristic designs.
1:50 PM -- Stare at the old man wearing a polo shirt tucked into his khaki slacks lifting weights. Wonder what it's like to be him, if he is happier than me or if I am happier than him. Come to no conclusion.
2:39 PM -- Respond to text message, "Yes absolutely."
2:49 PM -- Leave the gym.
3:00 PM -- Hop into the shower.
3:06 PM -- Imagine having an argument with a libertarian. Come out on even ground, no clear winner in my imaginary debate. We agree to disagree.
3:14 PM -- Hop out of shower.
3:16 PM -- Mess around on the internet
3:50 PM -- Take a nap. Not because I think it's a good use of my time, but because I can barely function on my four hours of sleep and physical exhaustion.
5:45 PM -- Stumble out of bed into the wakeful world, finish the last of the day's coffee and mess around on the internet.
6:14 PM -- Respond to text message, "Yeah."
7:01 PM -- Read Supergods.
7:50 PM -- Consider our lives as the leading spearhead of a line that stretches backwards through the invisible dimension of time into a single universal origin line, as part of our self-replicating existence and cellular function in the giant multiversal incubation machine of universes as manned by crystallic higher dimensional beings.
7:56 PM -- Continue reading Supergods.
9:00 PM -- Play Halo Reach. I know that everyone is playing Battlefield and Modern Warfare and this game wasn't even hot when it was brand new, but it came with the Xbox bundle I bought on Black Friday and I'm perfectly fine with being late to the party.
9:50 PM -- Eat dinner. Meat loaf, ketchup, tuna, rice, family.
10:00 PM -- Mess around on the internet.
10:50 PM -- Look at and apply to jobs.
11:12 AM -- Find very few job listings that are in-line with my hopes and dreams and goals, as it's the holiday season.
11:13 AM -- Feel bad about things.
11:17 AM -- Continue looking at and applying to jobs.
11:40 AM -- Wrap it up and look for things to kill the brain until it must sleep.
11:41 AM -- Read Tao Lin's Eeeee Eee Eeee.
11:50 AM -- Switch to Supergods again.